Storytime: Asenath (Live Streamed on Instagram)

Most people wouldn’t be happy to have an arranged marriage with an ex-convict. Especially one who shows some (traditionally considered) bipolar tendencies. But whether she was happy to wife up or not, she did, and the result was the birth of two rather beautiful miracles. Scripture doesn’t tell us any words she spoke, but herContinue reading “Storytime: Asenath (Live Streamed on Instagram)”

Storytime: Joanna

No doctor would ever be able to cure her. It would take something truly miraculous to find liberty. But one day against all odds, she finds herself face to face with a man who promises there’s a cure. But this man was different – he wasn’t even a physician. Could this man actually help her?Continue reading “Storytime: Joanna”

Storytime: Bathsheba – Part 2

With a child in the grave, a child in her arms, and her new husband finally returned to the front where he always belonged, she’s determined to make a fresh start. Gone is that stolen bride of the past. Now she stands tall, redeemed head held high, and freshly crowned as the reigning Queen MotherContinue reading “Storytime: Bathsheba – Part 2”

Storytime: Bathsheba – Part 1

Up on the rooftop, lurk lurk lurk! When a famous Outlaw King takes a fancy to her winsome smile, she is faced with a dangerous decision: walk away or choose to stay. Either way, her decision will haunt her.  And thousands of years later, we still find ourselves asking: was she the predator or wasContinue reading “Storytime: Bathsheba – Part 1”

Storytime: Anna

Though she was from a tribe of lost people, she found her way home. And once she found that home, she spent every waking breath thanking God for it — every waking breath for months, years, decades… until one ordinary day, when He answered back. Who was she? Anna, the Prophetess. Tune in for more! Continue reading “Storytime: Anna”

Storytime: Herodias

Born into a family that makes the mafia look timid, most would say she was destined for a violent future. But everyone has a choice, and she was no different. When virtue itself was dragged into her home, the time to choose was upon her. Who was she? Herodias the Infamous. Tune in for more! Continue reading “Storytime: Herodias”

Storytime: Priscilla

Cast out of her home, and living in a foreign land, she used more than her hands to stitch together a framework. While her fingers worked the seams of tents, her words worked the seams of truth – convincing, training, and raising up a generation of missionaries to continue her plight in spreading the goodContinue reading “Storytime: Priscilla”

Backstage: Q&A + Outtakes

WE’LL BE BACK ON OCTOBER 2ND! Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram @MsRachAllene / @WickedorWise. Be sure to follow @WickedorWise on Instagram for pop quizzes, unique character art, and more!

Storytime: Esther – Part 3

THE SEASON ONE FINALE IS HERE! The room freezes with baited breath. This young woman has dared enter the forbidden court of the King of Persia. With eyes locked on his, she waits for her fate – will she perish? The courtesans ask each other, “Who does she think she is?” I wish I couldContinue reading “Storytime: Esther – Part 3”

Storytime: Esther – Part 2

Crowned the Queen of Queens of the mighty Persian Empire, things are looking up for Esther. And they stay that way for five wonderful years, until one day, a wrath consumes an ancient enemy that puts the entire Israelite nation in peril. Welcome to part 2 of the life of Esther, the blood thirsty QueenContinue reading “Storytime: Esther – Part 2”

Storytime: Esther – Part 1

Orphaned at a young age, and living a quiet life with a cousin, life was already unkind to her. But you know what they say – things can always get worse! When a mad king makes a terrifying proclamation, she finds herself dragged away from the last of her family, brought to a strange placeContinue reading “Storytime: Esther – Part 1”

Storytime: Balaam’s Donkey

Before her stood certain death, behind her a menacing man pushing her to move forward. One beating, two beatings, three… Once known for her regal air, she now stood ragged and desperate for escape. She would be pushed around no longer – it was time to speak up. Who was she? Balaam’s Donkey.  Have questions,Continue reading “Storytime: Balaam’s Donkey”

Storytime: Elizabeth – Part 2

With her growing belly reflecting the growing miracle inside, Elizabeth’s ears are greeted with an unexpected greeting. The surprise turns to awe as Elizabeth realizes it’s more than just a young woman calling hello – it’s the mother of the now come Messiah. All this and more in the second half of Elizabeth’s story. HaveContinue reading “Storytime: Elizabeth – Part 2”

Storytime: Elizabeth – Part 1

Raised to adhere strictly to the laws of God, it was a surprise to all when she came to the end of her childbearing years and still had no child. She must be sinning in secret, right? But if that’s the case, why was God calling her blameless? And why was an angel suddenly interruptingContinue reading “Storytime: Elizabeth – Part 1”

Storytime: Eve – Part 2

With the voice of God demanding answers, Eve and Adam stand huddling in their poorly designed leaf-aprons. They know they’ve messed up, but what will the price for their mistakes be? Is death really waiting for them at the end of this conversation? **PLEASE NOTE: In this episode, I mistakenly said we don’t know ifContinue reading “Storytime: Eve – Part 2”

Storytime: Eve – Part 1

The first breath of human life. The first ears to hear His voice. The first encounter with the wickedness of mankind. The first breaking of a divine covenant. Who was the woman at the heart of this disaster? Eve, the Mother of Humanity. Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love toContinue reading “Storytime: Eve – Part 1”

Storytime: Delilah

Seductress. Devilish. Wily. These three terms have frequently been used to describe one woman who, for the greed in her heart, turned her home into a place of ambush. Her target? The Hercules of Scripture. Her name? Delilah, the Forbidden Woman. Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear fromContinue reading “Storytime: Delilah”

Storytime: Rahab – Part 2

Patience is a virtue, and it may have been the very first one Rahab exercised. While the fear for her life still lingered in the air, much time had passed from her encounter with the Israelite spies. When would they strike? Would she be remembered? The scarlet cord gave her hope, but would it beContinue reading “Storytime: Rahab – Part 2”

Storytime: Rahab – Part 1

Desperate, outcast, prostitute. Three terms no woman wants to hear, much less earn as titles. But there was a woman who identified as all three, and she refused to let it keep her from becoming a lady of destiny. When God sent an opportunity to her doorstep, she acted with urgency and saved not onlyContinue reading “Storytime: Rahab – Part 1”

Storytime: Abigail – Part 2

With a deceased husband lying on the couch, Abigail is sure to be wondering what’s next for her. Would God honor her wisdom that saved an entire household with a second chance at family? Would the dangerous, but actually kinda handsome, outlaw remember his promise? Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’dContinue reading “Storytime: Abigail – Part 2”

Storytime: Abigail – Part 1

Beauty and brains, this woman has it all — thankfully so! Soon after a foolish man makes a hasty decision, she finds herself laying at the feet of a dangerous outlaw, and using both wit and fluttering lashes to save her household. Who is she? Abigail, the Chosen Wife of David. Have questions, thoughts, orContinue reading “Storytime: Abigail – Part 1”

Storytime: Jael

It’s easy to be a heroine when an entire army is roaring behind you, but what about when you’re feeling alone in your tent, and the enemy is dozing on your couch? Find out what one woman did with one such moment. Today’s episode dives into the life of Jael, heroine of Israel. Have questions,Continue reading “Storytime: Jael”

Storytime: Deborah

A leader of men, a fierce warrior of Yahweh, a great hero in battle, a… woman? Today’s episode dives into the life of the Mother and Judge of Israel, Deborah. Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at or send me a DMContinue reading “Storytime: Deborah”

Storytime: The Wife of Pontius Pilate

Jesus’ followers fell silent, dispersed among the crowd of His violent rejection. Would no one speak up in His defense? To the shock of the world, someone did. Someone with everything to lose and nothing to gain – the Wife of Pontius Pilate. Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love toContinue reading “Storytime: The Wife of Pontius Pilate”

Storytime: Zipporah – Part 2

Ditched in the dessert? That’s a bit awkward… but that’s exactly where Zipporah found herself after her husband sent her and their two baby boys home. Oi! At least they’ll have a magical reunion after Moses gets outta Egypt… or will they? Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hearContinue reading “Storytime: Zipporah – Part 2”

Storytime: Zipporah – Part 1

The stunning wife of Moses, Zipporah’s life is apparently the basis of a lot of conflict… Who knew? I sure didn’t, but I’m anxious to tell you all about it! Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at or send me a DMContinue reading “Storytime: Zipporah – Part 1”

Storytime: Jezebel – Part 2

What does the ancient relic, The Woman in the Window, have to do with Jezebel? Well, for one thing, it might finally give us the eerie reason for Jezebel’s rebellious last stand in her own window. Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me atContinue reading “Storytime: Jezebel – Part 2”

Storytime: Jezebel – Part 1

The infamous Queen of Israel, Jezebel’s name carries the same weight as the name of Judas. But is she really that wicked? Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram @MsRachAllene / @WickedorWise. Favorite Sources +Continue reading “Storytime: Jezebel – Part 1”

Introduction: Welcome to Wicked or Wise

Wicked or Wise is a Podcast that dives deep into the lives of women of the Word. Host Rachel Allene Carpenter is joined by friends and family to discuss the women whose stories are found in the pages of Scripture. Sharing their Biblical accounts with lots of laughs, Rachel pulls from the cultural histories andContinue reading “Introduction: Welcome to Wicked or Wise”