Rahab – Part 2 // ft. Hannah Horn

Patience is a virtue, and it may have been the very first one Rahab exercised. While the fear for her life still lingered in the air, much time had passed from her encounter with the Israelite spies. When would they strike? Would she be remembered? The scarlet cord gave her hope, but would it beContinue reading “Rahab – Part 2 // ft. Hannah Horn”

Rahab – Part 1 // ft. Hannah Horn

Desperate, outcast, prostitute. Three terms no woman wants to hear, much less earn as titles. But there was a woman who identified as all three, and she refused to let it keep her from becoming a lady of destiny. When God sent an opportunity to her doorstep, she acted with urgency and saved not onlyContinue reading “Rahab – Part 1 // ft. Hannah Horn”