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A Podcast on Biblical Heroines, Modern Believers, and Personal Memoirs

Joined by a variety of hilarious and wonderful guests, host Rachel Allene brings to life the women found within the pages of Scripture in ways you’ve never imagined. Pulling from the cultural histories and mythologies, their lives are shaped beyond the handful of verses recorded. Intermixed with the life stories of modern day believers and Rachel’s personal memoirs as she stumbles through life, the show is sure to keep you checking back for more.

Some wicked, some wise, these are the stories that need to be told.

[Spiritual Goosebumps included. Streaming Device sold separately.]

What listeners are saying:

Bravo 👏🏻 Rachel does a fantastic job of drawing you into her story. She’s genuine and delightful to listen to. The content is insightful and thought provoking. I’m hooked! Bonus: the Wicked or Wise theme song is enchanting! I’ll be back for more.

Jamie Rasor

God really expresses His love for these women in your podcast! It is true that their stories are often on the back burner. The podcast is for a sure a warm blanket and coffee vibes.

John Hoffman

Wicked or Wise is fire! RAC delivers her title, engages her listeners with unique insight into the word of God, and has a great quality of humor. Podcasting is the future, and WOW has a future in it!

Justin Gleason

This is my absolute favorite apostolic, Bible-based podcast out there! I also love your guessing games on Instagram stories for the new episodes. When I listen I feel like I am literally sitting at the table talking with you. 💯 / 10 recommend!

Kati Hildebran

I’m not going to give praise if I don’t truly think it’s deserved, but this podcast deserves some. Truly enjoying the light hearted learning, the exploration, and the new insight it brings. I love that it’s connected with IG so I can jump over and place some visuals along with the story as I listen.

Kaylah Spann

Always thought provoking with real conversation. A message that keeps the audience reaching. This podcast hits all the marks of the curiosity button. As episodes end I want more! I find myself daydreaming through the day of these biblical characters spoken of.

Rachael Lavender

But don’t just take their word for it – tune in!

A Mini Series on Love: The Breathtaking Summit (Part Three) | Ep. 43 Wicked or Wise

  1. A Mini Series on Love: The Breathtaking Summit (Part Three) | Ep. 43
  2. The Story of Joyce Allene Mathys | Ep. 42
  3. God Does Not Override Free Will (An Addendum to The Ugly Crescendo) | Ep. 41