Rachel Allene


Cackling Podcaster

Unsanctioned Historian


I find writing “about me” pages unpleasant, which is ironic, because I love to talk about myself (stop laughing, Mom).

I’ll attempt to just nutshell it for you, though it’ll probably read more like a ramble:

At age 28, I’m the second of four kids, and proudly share cliché middle child syndrome with my brother. I was raised in church, homeschooled through 16 (at which point I graduated early because I was bored with school), and dropped out of secular college four times. I did manage to get a 4-year diploma from ministerial school and happily find that non-fiction books are my crack (is that okay for a Christian to say?).

I have a lot of opinions and like to voice them, though I do my best to keep an open mind. I love to dive into new concepts and theories, to explore Scripture, and to debate consequence and compassion. If it were up to me, Roman forums would still be a thing, and I would make a career out of just talking to people about life and the great thereafter.

I became a Christian at the young age of 8, but that didn’t stop me from sewing wild oats and making a mockery of the title. Fast forward to the mid-teens, and you would find me fetal-posed in the still of night, begging God to forgive me and teach me how to love Him. In that moment, I made Him the Lord of my life. I’ve never made a better choice and I fall harder for Him every day. Now I hope to call Him proud, even as I call Him Father.

Pleased to meet you.