STORYTIME // Rahab – Part 2

Patience is a virtue, and it may have been the very first one Rahab exercised. While the fear for her life still lingered in the air, much time had passed from her encounter with the Israelite spies. When would they strike? Would she be remembered? The scarlet cord gave her hope, but would it be enough?

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Favorite Sources + Recommended Reading

Scripture References:
  • Joshua 2-5
  • Matthew 1
  • Hebrews 11
  • James 2
Outside Sources:

Outside refers to “outside of Scripture” and does not necessarily advise of any Christian/non-Christian bias in the source.

Fun Recommendations:

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2 thoughts on “STORYTIME // Rahab – Part 2

  1. Every week I look forward to learning more about these amazing women of the Bible. Thank you so much for putting your heart and soul into this podcast. You had mentioned a love story written about Rahab….well search no longer. Francine Rivers wrote a series about the women in the lineage of Christ. There are a total of five books. Looking forward to future episodes. God bless!

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