Esther – Part 3 // ft. Isabel Rasor

THE SEASON ONE FINALE IS HERE! The room freezes with baited breath. This young woman has dared enter the forbidden court of the King of Persia. With eyes locked on his, she waits for her fate – will she perish? The courtesans ask each other, “Who does she think she is?” I wish I couldContinue reading “Esther – Part 3 // ft. Isabel Rasor”

Esther – Part 2 // ft. Isabel Rasor

Crowned the Queen of Queens of the mighty Persian Empire, things are looking up for Esther. And they stay that way for five wonderful years, until one day, a wrath consumes an ancient enemy that puts the entire Israelite nation in peril. Welcome to part 2 of the life of Esther, the blood thirsty QueenContinue reading “Esther – Part 2 // ft. Isabel Rasor”

Esther – Part 1 // ft. Isabel Rasor

Orphaned at a young age, and living a quiet life with a cousin, life was already unkind to her. But you know what they say – things can always get worse! When a mad king makes a terrifying proclamation, she finds herself dragged away from the last of her family, brought to a strange placeContinue reading “Esther – Part 1 // ft. Isabel Rasor”