Abigail – Part 2 // ft. Isabel Rasor

With a deceased husband lying on the couch, Abigail is sure to be wondering what’s next for her. Would God honor her wisdom that saved an entire household with a second chance at family? Would the dangerous, but actually kinda handsome, outlaw remember his promise? Have questions, thoughts, or testimonies you’d like to share? I’dContinue reading “Abigail – Part 2 // ft. Isabel Rasor”

Abigail – Part 1 // ft. Isabel Rasor

Beauty and brains, this woman has it all — thankfully so! Soon after a foolish man makes a hasty decision, she finds herself laying at the feet of a dangerous outlaw, and using both wit and fluttering lashes to save her household. Who is she? Abigail, the Chosen Wife of David. Have questions, thoughts, orContinue reading “Abigail – Part 1 // ft. Isabel Rasor”