The Story of Asenath – Live Stream Recording | Ep. 32

Most people wouldn’t be happy to have an arranged marriage with an ex-convict. Especially one who shows some (traditionally considered) bipolar tendencies. But whether she was happy to wife up or not, she did, and the result was the birth of two rather beautiful miracles. Scripture doesn’t tell us any words she spoke, but her children carry on her legacies of hope and redemption in their names.

Who is she? Asenath, Wife of Joseph.

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  • Genesis 39-50
  • Exodus 13
Random Things Referenced in this Episode:

Pst! I was asked during this live stream if the move Cleopatra is worth watching. I did watch it, but I don’t remember a lot of it. The parental guide on IMDB indicates it’s not a very modest film. You may want to check into it before watching.

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