Elizabeth – Part 2 // ft. Rachel Conkle

With her growing belly reflecting the growing miracle inside, Elizabeth’s ears are greeted with an unexpected greeting. The surprise turns to awe as Elizabeth realizes it’s more than just a young woman calling hello – it’s the mother of the now come Messiah. All this and more in the second half of Elizabeth’s story. HaveContinue reading “Elizabeth – Part 2 // ft. Rachel Conkle”

Elizabeth – Part 1 // ft. Rachel Conkle

Raised to adhere strictly to the laws of God, it was a surprise to all when she came to the end of her childbearing years and still had no child. She must be sinning in secret, right? But if that’s the case, why was God calling her blameless? And why was an angel suddenly interruptingContinue reading “Elizabeth – Part 1 // ft. Rachel Conkle”