STORYTIME // Eve – Part 2

With the voice of God demanding answers, Eve and Adam stand huddling in their poorly designed leaf-aprons. They know they’ve messed up, but what will the price for their mistakes be? Is death really waiting for them at the end of this conversation?

**PLEASE NOTE: In this episode, I mistakenly said we don’t know if Eve had daughters. Of course she did! I meant to say that we don’t know if she had any more sons or daughters. My brain just skipped some words. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 😉

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Favorite Sources + Recommended Reading

Scripture References:
  • Genesis 1-5
  • 2 Corinthians 11:3
  • 1 Timothy 2:13
  • Romans 5
  • Luke 3
Outside Sources:

Outside refers to “outside of Scripture” and does not necessarily advise of any Christian/non-Christian bias in the source.

Given the very theoretical nature of our discussions, I didn’t want to include a lot of sources that may bring up more questions than answers. I’d highly recommend taking your study on Eve straight to the Word itself – there can be no disillusion there!

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