STORYTIME // Bathsheba – Part 2

With a child in the grave, a child in her arms, and her new husband finally returned to the front where he always belonged, she’s determined to make a fresh start. Gone is that stolen bride of the past. Now she stands tall, redeemed head held high, and freshly crowned as the reigning Queen MotherContinue reading “STORYTIME // Bathsheba – Part 2”

STORYTIME // Bathsheba – Part 1

Up on the rooftop, lurk lurk lurk! When a famous Outlaw King takes a fancy to her winsome smile, she is faced with a dangerous decision: walk away or choose to stay. Either way, her decision will haunt her.  And thousands of years later, we still find ourselves asking: was she the predator or wasContinue reading “STORYTIME // Bathsheba – Part 1”