Sometimes I Write

Occasionally I get inspired to gut my soul in a public space. When this ridiculous urge hits, I can typically be found typing up a blog post. Thankfully, it’s not a frequent occurrence (it takes my enneagram type 7 self quite a while to recover from the vulnerability). But. If you’re curious, you can find those sporadically written pieces here. I want to say “happy reading!” but it’s probably more accurate to say “good luck!”

A Complete List of the Sporadic Blog Posts

22 Lessons (re)Learned

This list was originally compiled for an old website of mine – it was a birthday post and I was really in my feels. Welp. I just rediscovered it thanks to the way back machine, and honestly… it was a great kick in the rear for 2022. I hope you enjoy! The couch is comfy, but that comfy feeling is only concealing regret. Get up and do things. You don’t have to go cross-country toContinue reading “22 Lessons (re)Learned”

Sorting Filing Cabinets.

Just before the pandemic hit, I made one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. After twenty years, I changed churches. I’m not going to get into the “big why” that caused me to open myself to the idea of changing, but I’ll say this: God directed my steps and led me to where I am. I know that I’m in the right church, working alongside the right people, reaching out to the right community.Continue reading “Sorting Filing Cabinets.”

Where is the Line?

Is it a sin to be entertained by sin? This is the thought that greeted me as I pulled into the office parking lot this morning. Here’s the deal: I started listening to Francis Chan’s book “Erasing Hell” during my drive, and at just over an hour in, I’ve already paused to weep, repent, and mourn the lost several times over. It’s gut-wrenching, the idea of hell. The idea of an afterlife of eternal damnation.Continue reading “Where is the Line?”

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